Kisan Card Registration 8070 – Apply Now

Kisan Card Registration 8070 - Apply Now

If you are farmer or belongs to any farmer family and looking for latest updates of Kisan card registration, then stay on this platform for complete details. It is because on this platform you will get all updates of kisan card including kisan card registration Punjab and other provinces, kisan card check online by CNIC, kisan card registration form and all other easy methods for registration of kisan card. Thus, you no need to go anywhere or waste time at any other platform for registration process and other necessary details of kisan card.

The main purpose of kisan card scheme is to provide financial help to the farmers for improving agricultural field. As Pakistan is agricultural country and its economy mainly depends on our agriculture. So, government has started kisan card program to support farmers. With this scheme government is providing 30000 PKR per acre to every farmer in very short loan interest in easy installments.

The process of kisan card registration is very simple and easy that everyone can easily apply for it. Being a farmer if you need any financial help for your crops then you can register yourself for this program and get loan with easy installments. This will be a big support for those farmers who cannot meet with their basic expenses. If you want to avail this opportunity for your financial stability but you don’t know about its registration procedure, eligibility criteria and other necessary information of getting this loan.

Then you no need to worry for it. We will guide you from registration to withdraw amount from account. Stay connected with us on this platform for complete details including applying method and account creation for kisan card registration in very simple and easy steps.

Government has made some requirements to avail this loan. Without completing these requirements, you cannot be eligible for this scheme. Following are some eligible conditions on the basis of which you can apply in this scheme.

  • Your poverty score will be 50% or below 50%
  • People having land from one acre to 12 acres can apply for it
  • There will be no criminal record on you
  • You should have ownership of land
  • Have their SIM card registered under their CNIC.
  • Hold a valid agricultural certificate.
  • If a farmer is not a part of a program before, he can apply for i
  • Make sure that you need financial help

As this scheme is specially made for needy farmers who cannot meet their crops expenses and need some support themselves for better production of crops. So, there are many important features of this government scheme.

  • Farmer get interest free loan
  • A loan of up to 150,000 will be given to the eligible farmer
  • Through this loan, the farmer will be able to purchase fertilizer and seeds
  • They get loan in small installments so that they can return it easily
  • Farmers can easily meet with their crops expenses with this loan
  • This loan is given by government so there is no chances of fraud
  • The process of getting loan is simple and easy that everyone can apply for it
  • This loan is very beneficial for financially unstable farmers
  • It is easy to check kisan card online by CNIC
  • Kisan card registration is easy and require only basic details
  • With this card farmer can get many benefits from different schemes fo government like subsidies provided to farmers, insurance and some other loans
  • Kisan card only requires farmer CNIC thus, farmers no need to submit any other details

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The government has made easy and simple process that everyone can apply for this scheme easily. You no need to go anywhere it is because you can easily apply it from home. Farmer can apply by both online and offline methods. If any farmer don’t have internet facility or he is not well educated then he can easily apply from offline method. Government has made this method for such type of farmers.

Offline Method Kisan card 8070

Farmers can easily apply for kisan registration card through offline method by following some basic easy steps given as follow.

  • Open your messaging application of your mobile device
  • Write “8070” in the recipient field
  • Compose message by writing with your national computerized ID card number
  • Deliver this message to the recipient
  • The SIM number should be on that person whom ID card you send
  • On some networks message delivers without any charges but on some network it may charge of tax 2 PKR for delivery

Online Method

If your facing difficulty in offline registration method and you have internet facility then you can also apply for kisan card online. The process for online method is a little bit lengthy as compared to offline method but it is also easy to apply. Follow these simple steps of series for kisan card registration online.

  • Farmer can easily apply for this scheme from digital platform specially designed by Punjab Information Technology board (PITB)
  • Visit the official website of PITB or click here: › kissan_card
  • Open the Kisan card portal in website
  • Provide necessary details of farmers like name, CNIC, land ownership details, contact information, crops irrigation system and some other important details related to crops
  • Then submit the details for successful registration
  • Farmers need some further steps to complete for getting successful loan
  • Farmers have first open their HBL connect account for receiving loan amount
  • If any farmer is not registered, then he can only connect with local staff of agricultural department and also get their loan from them easily
  • Farmer can easily apply for kisan card from any HBL connect retailer shop
  • It may charge of 500 for biometric verification of farmer
  • Then farmers get their kisan card form from tehsil agricultural department for more verification if required otherwise process successfully completed here


Kisan Card Registration 8070


It is concluded that if are looking for kisan card registration or kisan card check online, registration process and other necessary details then the above mentioned methods are highly recommended for you. By following these methods, you can easily apply for the kisan card online and offline.

Stay connected on this platform for such type of interesting and amazing information related to different government schemes, jobs, internships and many other valuable details. You will be briefly explained with each and everything on this platform.

How can farmer get kisan card Punjab Pakistan online?

When farmer is successfully registered for kisan card and create his own HBL connect account then he can buy bundle of kisan card with charges of PKR 500 and after some days he get his kisan card at door step

How farmer can activate kisan card?

Farmer can activate his kisan card by buying bundle of  kisan card in PKR 500 from any HBL connect account.

How farmer can apply online for kisan card?

Farmer can simply apply for this scheme by visiting the official website of PITB and providing some necessary details or sent sms at 8070

How can I check kisan card online by CNIC?

You can easily check it from the official website of kisan card by scrolling to kisan card registration portal.

Which farmers are eligible for kisan card registration scheme?

All those farmers who have no criminal records, have land ownership, poverty score must be below 50% and need financial help are eligible for this loan scheme.

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